The Journey

The Journey.
By Richard Wise

The road stretches on for miles. Beyond the horizon the sun slowly begins to set, the last warmth of its rays leaving this barren place much colder and greyer as the darkness slowly swept across the wastelands. Then the demons would come out to play.

But I could not stop, for rest nor death.

I’d travelled alone for many years now. The silence of the hills has been my only companion for as long as I can remember. Keeping track of what day or month it was made no sense any more.

Seasons passed, and life would neither stir nor bloom nor here or there. Trees had started to wither away and die. Flowers bloomed under no man’s feet. Most of the animals in this vast kingdom were gone. Nothing could survive in this poisoned plane of existence anymore; in a world which grew darker as it slowly began to die.

I knew not where I was going, for I no longer found myself with a purpose. It didn’t make sense to dream of material things or of a brighter future anymore, for I knew that any miraculous deliverance from God or any other spiritual deity would never happen; for if there were a God, he had clearly and truly abandoned this place.

My heart yearns for warmth, yet every inch of me is now cold and lifeless. My mind yearns for deliverance, yet I still stand upon this desecrated world; forever standing to walk alone in the abyss. I’d never found the use nor time for prayer in my past life, but in this life for each day that the sun sinks below the horizon I pray that it will be the last sunset my weary soul can endure.

Come now, be not afraid.’

My mind had spoken, but who was it that had spoken?

Come now, be not afraid; you were never meant to fear me. I was with you from the very beginning, so why must it be different now, in these days of darkness? Indeed there are many journeys you took in life, but on this last one, only you may go. Be not afraid, for your heart has lit the way. No more will you walk in darkness, for your heart will light the way beneath your feet. Fear me no longer, for I have loved you forever. From this day forth until the world’s end; my heart will not forget you.’

The path was lit. I knew now what was needed of me. I knew now that my long and tiring journey was at last at its end, but at least now my weary soul grieves no more.









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